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Engos Group Ltd.

About company

Engos group ltd is young name in trading industry, planning working all over the world. We are trying the company will known as both a high-quality service provider and forward-thinking partner. Every day and around the world, we are advancing trade – reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We see global trade as a positive force and we go further to make trade work better.

Engos Group Ltd.

What we do

Being one of young independent trading houses in the international market, the professional Engos group team has more than 10-ти a summer work experience with products of oil and gas processing and their delivery. The created business relations with producers, and also with the large logistic companies, allow Engos group to satisfy needs of the clients in the most short time and on a long-term outlook.

Our Services

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Oil & Petroleum Products

The company realizes all range of products of oil processing. Direct agreements with the plants processors, and also the provided discounts, allow the Engos group team to offer to the clients the most advantageous conditions for purchase of this or that product.

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Gas & Gas Processing Products

The market of LPG very quickly develops in this connection the geography of consumption and supply rates extends. We trade all types of products of gas processing, the propane, butane, isobutane are basic of which. The team of professionals of Engos group successfully delivers more than 10 years LPG in the markets of the east Europe, that allows to hope for successful expansion on the international market.

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Shipping & Chartering

Team of professionals of Engos group, having behind shoulders the long experience of the organization of cargo delivery worldwide, daily provides to the clients the most advantageous and comfortable conditions for delivery of their products. The developed business relations with leading companies in the sphere of a car and rail haulings, and also a river and sea frakhting allow the Company to optimize logistic routes.

Engos Group Ltd.


• Engos group diversifies geography of sale and works only with direct producers of products of oil processing and the liquefied hydrocarbonic raw materials.

• Engos group builds up the long-term relationship with consumers of products of oil gas processing in the EU and Asia

• Engos group develops infrastructure on storage of products of oil gas processing based on the existing assets.

• Engos group possesses unique studies of optimized logistic routes.

• Engos group performs stock exchange trading of LPG and NG.

• Engos group diversifies exportalpg and expansion of a product line routes.


  • CEO

    Mr. Kirill Fitisov

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